Armour Rock Production

In the 2017 year KGQ has undertaken an assessment program to determine the availability of freely removable large homogenous granite stone pieces that would be available for armament protection construction work.  The program identified that the Fitzroy South Quarry location contains a significant quantity of plus two tonne individual rock pieces that could be produced from the site without the requirement of standard explosive applications methods.  The information provided from the assessment confirmed that the production of in excess of 30,000t of armament product should be available before standard drill and blast techniques would be required.  As part of the production process for armour rock it is expected that the site would generate a smaller size fraction of material as a by-product.  The natural formation at the quarry site also provides selective areas for the winning of minus 500mm product that could be achieved via a standard excavator machine sorting process.  In the event that a small off-take program required +150mm  to + 3 tonne material the -150mm undersize would remain  at the localised extraction site.

The 2017 site works provided the information that the quarry site is available to deliver a product that would be suitable for large armament rock installations in the Kimberley area.

Grant of Exploration Licence E04/2356

23 March 2016

Kimberley Granite Quarries is pleased to announce that the Department of Mines and Petroleum has granted the company’s Exploration Licence Application E04/2356 applied for in June 2014. The new area abuts the company’s mining tenement M04/450 and contains a similar granite formation that KGQ currently has approval for extraction of material from.

KGQ intends to evaluate the new exploration area over the coming years to identify an appropriate granite resource. The long term goal of the company will be to develop the area under the same guidelines as company current has for its adjacent approved quarrying area. There will be a number of milestones that need to be met for this to be achieved, which include but are not limited to, customer demand for the product, and full approval from all government and other parties. It is anticipated that the approvals process will be a lengthy process for E04/2356 but in conjunction with the company’s current asset base KGQ believes that E04/2356 is part of the long term strategy for the company in the area.